Did you know… 50% of the waste in landfills is due to the demolition and construction industry. Typically demolition companies crush houses using a digger and this all ends up in landfill, contributing heavily to Aotearoa’s waste management challenges. At Levela Deconstuction, we are making a difference by reducing landfill waste through reusing, repurposing and recycling at least 80% of the materials from each project (excluding concrete), our best achievement to date being 94%. We do this by grading and sorting materials on site for reuse, then we utilise waste and recycling companies to get 2nd grade materials to the right place:

  • Weather boards, flooring, joists (6×2), bearers and framing (4 x 2) is all upcycled into T&G Flooring
  • Weather boards salvaged for reuse
  • Joinery salvaged for reuse
  • All metal recycled
  • Good condition iron roofing salvaged for reuse
  • Insulation reused where possible
  • 2nd grade timber mulched into playground bark
  • GIB and plasterboard mulched into gypsum for gardening
  • Polystyrene recycled into bean bag beans
  • All other waste materials sorted after leaving our sites for their final destination

 Pre demolition salvage, native timber

With over 250 residential deconstruction projects completed, and 7 years experience between Alex and Dylan, you can be sure your job will be completed safely, to budget and efficiently on time.

Between Alex and Dylan, they have completed over 250 residential deconstruction projects. Alex has 8+ years experience in the industry through various trades (building, electrical, and demolition and asbestos removal), and Dylan has 7+ years experience in deconstruction and salvage.

Through their time in the trades they noticed the waste that the industry contributes and turns a blind eye to. Together they decided that something needed to change, and no one else was doing it.

Levela Deconstruction specialises in the safe, cost effective deconstruction of residential homes and commercial premises with an emphasis on salvage, sustainability, recycling and forest restoration. The majority of our 4×2, 6×2, weatherboards and floorboards are upcycled into T&G Flooring. All B grade timber gets mulched and turned into playground bark, all of our GIB and plasterboard gets processed then turned back into gypsum and finally roofing iron is reused, joinery is either sold or donated.​